Satellite Data and Image Quality Metrics
DOI: 10.1117/3.1000981.ch3
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3.1 Needs for Quality Metrics3.2 Full-Reference Metrics3.2.1 Conventional full-reference metrics3.2.1.1 Mean-square error (MSE) Relative-mean-square error (ReMSE) Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) Peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR) Maximum absolute difference (MAD) Percentage maximum absolute difference (PMAD) Mean absolute error (MAE) Correlation coefficient (CC) Mean-square spectral error (MSSE) Spectral correlation (SC) Spectral angle (SA) Maximum spectral information divergence (MSID) ERGAS for multispectral image after pan-sharpening3.2.2 Perceived-visual-quality-based full-reference metrics3.2.2.1 Universal image quality index3.2.2.2 Multispectral image quality index3.2.2.3 Quality index for multi- or hyperspectral images3.2.2.4 Structural similarity index3.2.2.5 Visual information fidelity3.3 Reduced-Reference Metrics3.3.1 Four RR metrics for spatial-resolution-enhanced images3.3.2 RR metric using wavelet-domain natural-image statistic model3.4 No-Reference Metrics3.4.1 NR metric for compressed images using JPEG3.4.2 NR metric for pan-sharpened multispectral image3.4.2.1 Spectral distortion index3.4.2.2 Spatial distortion index3.4.2.3 Jointly spectral and spatial quality indexReferences

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