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17 February 2017 Yb:YAG disc for high energy laser systems
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Large Yb:YAG crystals were grown using of new improved technology enabling to produce YAG crystals without central growth defect. The crystals diameter reached 115-120mm and their central part was used for manufacturing of discs with the diameter larger than 55 mm. Both sides of this discs were polished and coated. Doping concentration of Yb3+ ions in Yb:YAG crystals was measured using of X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. Absorption coefficient of Yb:YAG was measured for different doping concentration of Yb3+ ions. Fluorescence decay time of Yb:YAG was measured at temperatures of 300K and 80 K. We found the fluorescence decay time of the values of 0.95-1 ms at both temperatures stable and independent on the Yb3+ doping concentration in the range of 1-10 at.% Yb/Y demonstrating high chemical purity of grown crystals. Optical homogeneity as measured using of Fizeau double pass interferometer at 633nm resulted with PV values lower than 0.15 λ on clear aperture of 35 mm. Polished surfaces were ideally parallel with the wedge lower than 2 arcsec. Uniformity of laser properties of Yb:YAG was verified by scanning of the disc as active media in plan-convex pulsed laser resonator pumped by semiconductor diode (wavelength 969 nm, pumping beam diameter 100 μm). It was confirmed, that newly developed technology allows to manufacture very large high quality Yb:YAG discs suitable for high power lasers and amplifiers.
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Karel Nejezchleb, Jan Kubát, Jan Šulc, and Helena Jelínková "Yb:YAG disc for high energy laser systems", Proc. SPIE 10082, Solid State Lasers XXVI: Technology and Devices, 100820H (17 February 2017);

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