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20 February 2017 Towards an efficient nanophotonic platform integrating quantum memories and single qubits based on rare-earth ions
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The integration of rare-earth ions in an on-chip photonic platform would enable quantum repeaters and scalable quantum networks. While ensemble-based quantum memories have been routinely realized, implementing single rare-earth ion qubit remains an outstanding challenge due to its weak photoluminescence. Here we demonstrate a nanophotonic platform consisting of yttrium vanadate (YVO) photonic crystal nanobeam resonators coupled to a spectrally dilute ensemble of Nd ions. The cavity acts as a memory when prepared with spectral hole burning, meanwhile it permits addressing of single ions when high-resolution spectroscopy is employed. For quantum memory, atomic frequency comb (AFC) protocol was implemented in a 50 ppm Nd:YVO nanocavity cooled to 480 mk. The high-fidelity quantum storage of time-bin qubits is demonstrated with a 80% efficient WSi superconducting nanowire single photon detector (SNSPD). The small mode volume of the cavity results in a peak atomic spectral density of <10 ions per homogeneous linewidth, suitable for probing single ions when detuned from the center of the inhomogeneous distribution. The high-cooperativity coupling of a single ion yields a strong signature (20%) in the cavity reection spectrum, which could be detected by our efficient SNSPD. We estimate a signal-to-noise ratio exceeding 10 for addressing a single Nd ion with its 879.7nm transition. This, combines with the AFC memory, constitutes a promising platform for preparation, storage and detection of rare-earth qubits on the same ship.
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Tian Zhong, Jonathan M. Kindem, John G. Bartholomew, Jake Rochman, Ioana Craiciu, Evan Miyazono, and Andrei Faraon "Towards an efficient nanophotonic platform integrating quantum memories and single qubits based on rare-earth ions", Proc. SPIE 10118, Advances in Photonics of Quantum Computing, Memory, and Communication X, 101180N (20 February 2017);

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