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21 April 2017 Time-dependent deformation of polymer network in polymer-stabilized cholesteric liquid crystals (Conference Presentation)
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Recently, we reported direct current (DC) field controllable electro-optic (EO) responses of negative dielectric anisotropy polymer stabilized cholesteric liquid crystals (PSCLCs). A potential mechanism is: Ions in the liquid crystal mixtures are trapped in/on the polymer network during the fast photopolymerization process, and the movement of ions by the application of the DC field distorts polymer network toward the negative electrode, inducing pitch variation through the cell thickness, i.e., pitch compression on the negative electrode side and pitch expansion on positive electrode side. As the DC voltage is directly applied to a target voltage, charged polymer network is deformed and the reflection band is tuned. Interestingly, the polymer network deforms further (red shift of reflection band) with time when constantly applied DC voltage, illustrating DC field induced time dependent deformation of polymer network (creep-like behavior). This time dependent reflection band changes in PSCLCs are investigated by varying the several factors, such as type and concentration of photoinitiators, liquid crystal monomer content, and curing condition (UV intensity and curing time). In addition, simple linear viscoelastic spring-dashpot models, such as 2-parameter Kelvin and 3-parameter linear models, are used to investigate the time-dependent viscoelastic behaviors of polymer networks in PSCLC.
Conference Presentation
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Kyung Min Lee, Vincent P. Tondiglia, Timothy J. Bunning, and Timothy J. White "Time-dependent deformation of polymer network in polymer-stabilized cholesteric liquid crystals (Conference Presentation)", Proc. SPIE 10125, Emerging Liquid Crystal Technologies XII, 1012517 (21 April 2017);

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