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30 August 2017 Noise and detectivity of InAs/GaSb T2SL 4.5 μm IR detectors
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Measurements of low-frequency noise of type-II superlattice detectors designed for mid-IR wavelengths are used to determine noise limitations, calculate the real detectivity, and study 1/f noise-current correlations in these devices. No 1/f noise connected to the diffusion current is found as opposed to the generation-recombination, shunt, and tunneling currents. The contribution from the shunt current to 1/f noise can be so large that shunt-originated noise dominates in the high-temperature region, in which current is limited by the generation-recombination and diffusion components. It is also demonstrated that devices made of type-II superlattice contain traps generating random processes with thermally activated kinetics, and the activation energies of these traps are determined.
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Andrzej Kolek, Łukasz Ciura, Krzysztof Czuba, Agata Jasik, Jarosław Jureńczyk, Iwona Sankowska, and Janusz Kaniewski "Noise and detectivity of InAs/GaSb T2SL 4.5 μm IR detectors", Proc. SPIE 10404, Infrared Sensors, Devices, and Applications VII, 1040402 (30 August 2017);

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