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20 February 2018 Miniaturized microscope for high throughput screening of tumor spheroids in microfluidic devices
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High-throughput in vitro screening of highly physiological three-dimensional cell cultures (3D-HTS) is rapidly gaining importance in preclinical studies, to study the effect of the microenvironment in tumor development, and to evaluate the efficacy of new anticancer drugs. Furthermore, it could also be envisioned the use of 3D-HTS systems in personalized anti-cancer treatment planning, based on tumor organoids or spheroids grown from tumor biopsies or isolated tumor circulating cells. Most commercial, multi-well plate based 3D-HTS systems are large, expensive, and are based on the use of multi-well plates that hardly provide a physiological environment and require the use of large amounts of biological material and reagents. In this paper we present a novel, miniaturized inverted microscope (hereinafter miniscospe), made up of low-cost, mass producible parts, that can be used to monitor the growth of living tumor cell spheroids within customized three-dimensional microfluidic platforms. Our 3D-HTS miniscope combines phase contrast imaging based on oblique back illumination technique with traditional widefield epi-fluorescence imaging, implemented using miniaturized electro-optical parts and gradient-index refraction lenses. This small (3x6x2cm), lightweight device can effectively image overtime the growth of (>200) tumor spheroids in a controlled and reproducible environment. Our miniscope can be used to acquire time-lapse images of cellular living spheroids over the course of several hours and captures their growth before and after drug treatment, to evaluate the effectiveness of the drug.
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Javier Uranga, Alejandro Rodríguez-Pena, Desiré Gahigiro, and Carlos Ortiz-de-Solorzano "Miniaturized microscope for high throughput screening of tumor spheroids in microfluidic devices", Proc. SPIE 10497, Imaging, Manipulation, and Analysis of Biomolecules, Cells, and Tissues XVI, 104970A (20 February 2018);

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