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16 February 2018 Improved photovoltaic properties of ZnTeO-based intermediate band solar cells
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Highly mismatched ZnTe1-xOx (ZnTeO) alloy is one of the potential candidates for an absorber material in a bulk intermediate band solar cell (IBSC) because a narrow, O-derived intermediate band IB (E-) is formed well below the conduction band CB (E+) edge of the ZnTe. We have previously demonstrated the generation of photocurrent induced by two-step photon absorption (TSPA) in ZnTeO IBSCs using n-ZnO window layer. However, because of the large conduction band offset (CBO) between ZnTe and ZnO, only a small open circuit voltage (Voc) was observed in this structure. Here, we report our recent progress on the development of ZnTeO IBSCs with n-ZnS window layer. ZnS has a large direct band gap of 3.7 eV with an electron affinity of 3.9 eV that can realize a smaller CBO with ZnTe. We have grown n-type ZnS thin films on ZnTe substrates by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), and demonstrated ZnTe solar cells and ZnTeO IBSCs using n-ZnS window layer with an improved VOC. Especially, a n-ZnS/i-ZnTe/p-ZnTe solar cell showed an improved Voc of 0.77 V, a large short-circuit current density of 6.7 mA/cm2 with a fill factor of 0.60, yielding the power conversion efficiency of 3.1 %, under 1 sun illumination.
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Tooru Tanaka, Katsuhiko Saito, Qixin Guo, Kin Man Yu, and Wladek Walukiewicz "Improved photovoltaic properties of ZnTeO-based intermediate band solar cells", Proc. SPIE 10527, Physics, Simulation, and Photonic Engineering of Photovoltaic Devices VII, 105270P (16 February 2018);

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