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22 February 2018 Simple, precise, and versatile atom interferometer for field applications
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We demonstrate a scheme for atom interferometry to measure multiple axes of accelerations and rotations based on a single-diode laser and a pyramidal magneto-optical trap. The atom interferometer is constructed based on a simple and robust design. Additionally, with zeroed AC Stark shift, efficient Raman transition has been achieved by use of modest laser intensity and a small single photon detuning. By irradiating Raman beams toward not only the whole pyramid but also individual pyramidal faces, multiaxis atom interferometers have been operated. As a demonstration, the vertical interferometer measures the gravity with a sensitivity of 6 μm/s2 /√Hz and one interferometer along the diagonal axis observes the long-term tilt drift of the platform with a sensitivity of 4 μrad/√Hz. As a gyroscope, the atom interferometer along the diagonal axis achieves a sensitivity of 300 μrad/s/√Hz. This work paves the way toward compact, precise and multiaxis atom interferometers for geodesy, geology, or inertial navigation.
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Xuejian Wu, Fei Zi, Jordan Dudley, Zachary Pagel, Bola Malek, Philip Canoza, and Holger Müller "Simple, precise, and versatile atom interferometer for field applications", Proc. SPIE 10548, Steep Dispersion Engineering and Opto-Atomic Precision Metrology XI, 105481X (22 February 2018);


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