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15 May 2018 Development of spatial light modulator with ultra fine pixel pitch for electronic holography (Conference Presentation)
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SLM (Spatial Light Modulator) with ultra fine pixel pitch (circa 1 micron meter) has been thought as a big issue to realize electronic hologram with wide viewing angle. Two types of approach are proposed for accomplish SLM panel with 1 micron meter pitch pixel. SLM with LC light modulator controlled by TFT based backplane constructed on glass substrate is proposed according to the methods of scaling down flat-panel display technology. Introduction of sub micron meter patterning processes, the SLM panel with 3 micron meter pitch pixel was successfully developed for the first time. The SLM with 2 inch diagonal length had the resolution of 16K by 2K. Hologram with depth was reconstructed with manufactured SLM. Oxide semiconductor TFTs of 1 micron meter channel length with high performance have been developed for the SLM. Technical issues to accomplish 1 micron meter pitch pixel will be discussed. PCM (phase change material) has been used for memory devices and information recording devices. In former case, information is recorded and read using electrical signal. For latter case, information is recorded and read using light (laser) signal. We propose a SLM with PCM such that information is recorded using electrical signal and read using light signal. The light modulation of PCM pattern recorded by pulsed laser was successfully demonstrated using reconstruction of hologram images. Operation of arrayed pixels with PCM pattern driven by Si MOSFET is under development. Technical challenges for SLM with PCM will be discussed.
Conference Presentation
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Chi-Sun Hwang, Yong-Hae Kim, Gi Heon Kim, Jong-Heon Yang, Sanghoon Cheon, Seong M. Cho, Kyunghee Choi, Ji Hun Choi, Jae-Eun Pi, Chi-Young Hwang, Hee-Ok Kim, Won-Jae Lee, and Han Byeol Kang "Development of spatial light modulator with ultra fine pixel pitch for electronic holography (Conference Presentation)", Proc. SPIE 10666, Three-Dimensional Imaging, Visualization, and Display 2018, 1066605 (15 May 2018);

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