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21 May 2018 Bridging integrated waveguides with single photon emitters
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Very recently, the interest for quantum technologies by the scientific community and industry has strongly increased. Different types of implementations have been proposed as a practical implementation for a quantum bit as trapped atoms, superconducting qubits and single photons. In particular, we are interested in using single photons and single spins in solid state host matrices such as diamond (nanodiamonds or membranes). Integration of nanosources of light is currently a major bottleneck preventing the realisation of all-photonic chips for quantum technologies and nanophotonics applications. Nanophotonics and integrated optics are vast growing fields with huge market potentials in particular for quantum technologies. Ideally, one needs optical circuitry, on-chip photodetection and on-chip generation of quantum states of light (single photons, entangled photons…). We want to present our recent work on using integrated optics that can offer an easier and robust way to create fixed and compact quantum circuits that can be on chip and scalable. In this context, the coupling between waveguides and single photon emitters is critical. The goal of our research is to efficiently couple single photon emitters with a new platform made of optical glass waveguides. To achieve this goal, several paths are undertaken such as the use of dielectric and plasmonic structuration in order to increase the light interaction with the waveguide or to develop fabrication techniques to insert the emitters directly inside the guide (for nanodiamonds). We will show what is our current state of the art for placing single emitters at the right place on our optical waveguides made of ion-exchange in glass and in particular what can be done to improve our first promising results in order to get near unity coupling between the optical bus and single photon emitters. We will show first results with semiconductor nanocrystals (NCs) but also using nitrogen-vacancy defects in diamond either under nanodiamond form or in thin membranes.
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Christophe Couteau, Stefano Pierini, Xiaolun Xu, Josslyn Beltram-Madrigal, Renaud Bachelot, and Sylvain Blaize "Bridging integrated waveguides with single photon emitters", Proc. SPIE 10674, Quantum Technologies 2018, 106740S (21 May 2018);

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