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24 May 2018 An alternative method to correct translation positions in ptychography
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X-rays and e-beams are used for high-resolution imaging where the requirement for highly accurate lenses is one of the limiting factors. Hence, lensless imaging is preferred. Coherent Diffractive Imaging (CDI) is a lensless imaging technique which uses intensity patterns in the far-field to obtain the complex amplitude of the object. Ptychography, an emerging area of research, belongs to the class of CDI techniques. In ptychography, the object is partially illuminated by a scanning probe and the intensity patterns in the far-field for each probe position are recorded and used to reconstruct the object. One of the important aspects to the success of this method is the overlap between the adjacent probes and the accurate knowledge of the probe positions. Recently, we proposed a new method to correct the probe positions which uses the gradient of intensity patterns in the far-field. Here, we propose another method to correct probe positions.
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P. Dwivedi, A. P. Konijnenberg, S. F. Pereira, and H. P. Urbach "An alternative method to correct translation positions in ptychography", Proc. SPIE 10677, Unconventional Optical Imaging, 106772A (24 May 2018);


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