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5 June 2018 MAORY optical design analysis and tolerances
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MAORY (Multi-conjugate Adaptive Optics RelaY) will be the multi-conjugate adaptive optics module for the ELT first light. MAORY is a post focal relay optics and supports the MICADO imager and spectrograph. The tolerance process of MAORY is one of the most important step in the instrument design since it is intended to ensure that MAORY requested performances are satisfied when the final assembled instrument is operative. At the end, the assignment of tolerances to the various opto-mechanical parameters should be a trade-off between final cost of the system and its resulting performances. This paper describes the logic behind the tolerance analysis starting from definition of quantitative figures of merit for MAORY requirements and ending with estimation of MAORY performances perturbed by opto-mechanical tolerances. The method used to estimate tolerances takes care of compensation of errors during assembly/alignment procedure and uses a Root-Sum-Squared (RSS) merit function to combine independent error contributions. There are two requirements that limit the allowable changes of opto-mechanical parameters. The Root-Mean-Squared wavefront error (RMS WFE) and the optical distortion. The first one must satisfy diffraction limited performance over the MICADO Field-of-View (FoV) while the second one must satisfy high astrometric accuracy and precision. As criterion for tolerancing, the defined merit function considers the RMS wavefront referred to star centroids and adds boundary constraints on the compensators and geometric distortion in MICADO FoV. To evaluate the impact of tolerances on astrometry, a Monte Carlo approach was followed validating the expected performances from a pure opto-mechanical point of view.
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M. Patti, M. Lombini, D. Magrin, D. Greggio, E. Diolaiti, F. Cortecchia, C. Arcidiacono, P. Ciliegi, P. Feautrier, R. Ragazzoni, and S. Esposito "MAORY optical design analysis and tolerances", Proc. SPIE 10690, Optical Design and Engineering VII, 106902C (5 June 2018);

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