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19 September 2018 A novel mirror-mount design suitable for laboratory and OEM applications
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One of the most common pieces of opto-mechanical hardware is the one inch, tip-tilt, mirror mount. Though there are numerous manufacturers of these mounts the majority of the designs follow the familiar theme of a corner pivot point and two adjustable actuators located orthogonally. This type of mount (often referred to as simply a “kinematic” mirror mount) can be found in many sizes and has been tailored for many different applications. While the simple and robust design has proven effective in many circumstances there are times when it isn’t ideal. Common issues with these mounts include long term stability, temperature dependent pointing and sensitivity to external shock and vibration. These shortcomings have led many to develop alternatives, which is especially true when designing for OEM applications. Though many alternatives have been devised and implemented they often lack the convenience and simplicity of the well-known form and are never broadly adopted.

This paper details an alternative design that has the potential to meet the needs of laboratory use while being equally well suited for demanding OEM applications. The design explored, addresses the common shortcomings listed while keeping to a compact and convenient form factor. The mirror mount has a virtual pivot point centered on the front surface of the mounted mirror and is fully lockable. The resulting approach is compared directly to the features and function of the familiar “kinematic” mirror mount form.
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Frank A. DeWitt "A novel mirror-mount design suitable for laboratory and OEM applications", Proc. SPIE 10747, Optical System Alignment, Tolerancing, and Verification XII, 107470D (19 September 2018);

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