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18 September 2018 A low resource imaging radiometer for nanosatellite based fire diagnosis
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Details of a multispectral imaging radiometer specially designed to retrieve fire characteristics from a nanosatellite platform are presented. The instrument consists of an assembly of three cameras providing co-registered midwave infrared, longwave infrared, and visible image data. Preliminary evaluation of the instrument budgets showed approximately a mass of 12 kg, an envelope of 220×240×200 mm3, and an average power consumption of 13 W. A method was devised to stagger two linear arrays of 512×3 VOx microbolometers in each infrared detector assembly. Investigation of the first completed detector assemblies showed an alignment accuracy better than 10% of pixel pitch and a response uniformity achieved across 92% of the pixels. Effects of the thermal environment seen by the pixels were evaluated to optimize the radiometric packaging design. It was found that the resulting thermal stability of the arrays, combined with the available electronic dynamic range, allows acquisition of targets with temperatures as high as 750 K with the desired accuracy and without saturation. The detector assemblies were able to withstand extreme environments with vibration up to 14 grms and temperatures from 218 to 333 K. Exposing the assembly’s window and bandpass filter to proton and Co-60 gamma radiation with successive dose of 10 krad and 100 Gy resulted in no adverse effect on their transmittance characteristics. Performance characteristics of the assembled midwave and longwave infrared telescopes were consistent with modeling predictions. Results of the point spread function measurement supported the conclusion that the lenses alignment had been achieved within mechanical tolerances for both telescopes.
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Linh Ngo Phong, Denis Dufour, Joshua M. Johnston, Claude Chevalier, Patrice Côté, Bruno Fisette, Min Wang, and François Châteauneuf "A low resource imaging radiometer for nanosatellite based fire diagnosis", Proc. SPIE 10765, Infrared Remote Sensing and Instrumentation XXVI, 1076502 (18 September 2018);

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