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5 November 2018 Nanoparticles manipulation on plasmonic metasurface for determination of antibody in lab-on-a-chip devices
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We developed a novel lab-on-a-chip device with the capability of rapidly antibody determination that use nano-beads as the solid carriers. The device combines a plasmon-assisted optical conveyor belt in the main microfluidic channel, which is made of gold nano-ellipses perpendicular to each other. In the presence of an external uniform electric field, the hot spots in the belt function as optical tweezers can trap and transport properly sized nano-beads with target antibody combined along a fix direction through rotating the polarization. Several branch channels intersecting the main microfluidic channel at right angles are used to transport smaller antigen modified nano-beads, which can be labeled with fluorescent dyes. When arriving at the crossings, the smaller nano-beads would be trapped by hotspots on the surface of two-dimensional ellipses arrays around the conveyor belt and can’t be transported between two ellipses due to their smaller size. So, the antibody modified nano-beads would be transported along the optical conveyor belt and encounter the trapped antigen modified ones in the ellipses arrays successively. Only those ones with specific antigen combined that stick to the antibody to be measured can be dragged by bigger nano-beads and transport with it. In light of that, we can determinate the antibody by identifying the fluorescence-labelled nano-beads at the exit of the main channel. With the capacity for parallel detection, our design offers an attractive scheme for rapid, high throughput determination of antibody in microfluidic channels, which are also ease to operate.
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Wenhao Xu, Min Jiang, Feng Wang, Guanghui Wang, and Xuping Zhang "Nanoparticles manipulation on plasmonic metasurface for determination of antibody in lab-on-a-chip devices", Proc. SPIE 10814, Optoelectronic Devices and Integration VII, 108140B (5 November 2018);

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