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1 March 2019 Feasibility study of silicon photomultiplier based frequency domain diffuse optical tomography
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Frequency domain diffuse optical tomography (FD-DOT) has been considered as a reliable method to quantify the absolute optical properties of tissues. In the conventional FD-DOT, PMTs coupled with optical fiber bundles were used as the detectors. Thus, the imaging system was expensive and complex in system structure. In this study, we propose to utilize the silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) to replace the PMT as the detectors in the FD-DOT system. SiPM can provide the similar level of gain as PMT. Meanwhile its price is much lower than PMT, and the use of optical fiber bundles can be avoided, which makes it possible to build a simple structure system. The feasibility of the SiPM based FD-DOT was studied in the experiment. A 660nm laser diode was utilized as the source to irradiate the phantom, and it was modulated from 10MHz to 40MHz with the step size 10MHz. The SiPM detectors with 1 mm2 detection area were used to collect the photons emitted from the phantom. We measured in several different source-detector distances for each modulation frequency, during which the bias voltage of SiPM remained constant. The results showed that we could restore the linear relationship between the phase lag and the transmission distance. We also obtained the expected linear curve of the logarithm of the product of the amplitude and distance versus transmission distance. In addition, the absorption and scattering coefficients of the phantom were calculated by the slope of the fitting curve, which showed a good consistency at different modulation frequencies. The experiments results illuminated that it is feasible to build a FD-DOT based on SiPM.
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Min Wang, Yulong Bai, Haoqi Wu, Menglu Xu, Xu Cao, Xueli Chen, and Shouping Zhu "Feasibility study of silicon photomultiplier based frequency domain diffuse optical tomography", Proc. SPIE 10948, Medical Imaging 2019: Physics of Medical Imaging, 109483V (1 March 2019);

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