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15 March 2019 Electroacoustic tomography (EAT): linear scanning with a single element transducer
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In our experiments, a technique has been developed to simultaneously acquire Electroacoustic (EA) signal captured by a single channel ultrasonic traducer in a linear array structure. The system utilizes micro- to nano-second pulsed electric field applied by an excitation source that can be used for clinical purposes (i.e. electroporation applications), and a conventional ultrasound transducer to acquire pulse electric field-induced acoustic signals. In this research, for the first time, we present a new real-time imaging-based technique when applying different electric field distributions that disturb electrically charged particles in the media that leads to a change of temperature which increases on the order of mK per a single high intensive, μ𝑠 βˆ’π‘›π‘  short-pulse. We demonstrated this new technique by acquiring real-time acoustic signals induce by electric field distribution inside an agar-conductive based phantom. We used low-noise-amplifiers with a maximum gain of 60dB at 500 kHz with a linear scanning structure within less than 20sec, in 500 steps, and delay time of 500 ms to stabilize the transducer, and establish a linear scanning with a single element transducer. The corresponding EA images are reconstructed with a multi-step line back-projection algorithm. The approach can effectively reduce the artifacts associated with a conventional filter back projection algorithm used in other ultrasonic imaging by linear scanning structure because it is able to take information at multiple points to deliver the best possible image. This EAT technique provides a new and unique imaging approach for realtime, in-situ electrotherapy-based clinical practical applications.
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Ali Zarafshani, John A. Merrill, Siqi Wang, Mengxiao Wang, Bin Zheng, and Liangzhong Xiang "Electroacoustic tomography (EAT): linear scanning with a single element transducer", Proc. SPIE 10955, Medical Imaging 2019: Ultrasonic Imaging and Tomography, 1095513 (15 March 2019);

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