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14 May 2019 Capturing of a light field image and its real-time aerial reconstruction with AIRR
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This paper proposes a novel system enables aerial light-field television system. Our aerial light-field TV system consists of a light-field camera, a light-field display, and an aerial imaging optics. Our light-field camera is composed of an imaging lens and a micro-lens array on a high-resolution image sensor. Our light-field display is composed of a lens array, a slightly diffuser plate, and a high-resolution flat panel display. The diffuser plate is used to eliminate noticeable fringes due to the black matrix on the flat panel display. Our aerial imaging optics is composed of a projection lens, a beam splitter, and a retro-reflector. The principle is called AIRR (aerial imaging by retro-reflection). In this work, AIRR forms the aerial image of the projection lens. That is, the light coming out of the projection lens transmits the beam splitter and impinges the retro-reflector. The retro-reflected light reflects on the beam splitter and converges to the aerial image position of the projection lens. When the viewer’s eyes are in front of the aerial image position, the viewer can recognize the reconstructed aerial light-field image. In the conventional light-field camera and display system, image conversion in each elemental image was needed in order to show the true 3D depth. Because imaging optics forms an inverted image in each elemental image. On the contrary, our aerial light-field TV system requires no image conversion because the aerial imaging optics converts the depth. Thus, it is possible to reconstruct the light-field image in the air in real time.
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Kengo Fujii, Kazuki Shimose, Mitsuru Ito, Masao Nakajima, Toru Iwane, Masaki Yasugi, and Hirotsugu Yamamoto "Capturing of a light field image and its real-time aerial reconstruction with AIRR", Proc. SPIE 10997, Three-Dimensional Imaging, Visualization, and Display 2019, 109970G (14 May 2019);

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