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11 April 2019 Adsorption kinetics of proteins to biomaterials measured by reflectometric interference spectroscopy
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In this work we present the investigation of the interaction of fibronectin with different biomaterials. Since the amount, type and possible conformational changes of adsorbed proteins at the body-implant interface strongly influences the performance of implants, this work is focusing on a more comprehensive understanding of these processes. To create very stable and thin surface modification of a glass transducer with PEG, PU and PLA an immobilization strategy based on silane chemistry was developed. To monitor the adsorption and desorption of fibronectin onto these biomaterial surfaces, the reflectometric interference spectroscopy – a direct optical method – was applied. To estimate the association and dissociation rate constants, a biomolecular interaction analysis was performed within the kinetically limited regime of the association process. Additionally, the influence of the pH value on the adsorption behavior is exemplary shown for the interaction of fibronectin on a glass surface. These experiments show high potential to give more detailed insights into the complex processes during the implantation of foreign materials into the human body.
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Johanna Hutterer, Peter Janoschek, and Günter Gauglitz "Adsorption kinetics of proteins to biomaterials measured by reflectometric interference spectroscopy", Proc. SPIE 11028, Optical Sensors 2019, 110282L (11 April 2019);

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