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21 June 2019 Optimization of a geometrical calibration procedure for stereoscopic endoscopy systems
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Stereoscopic video endoscopes are widely used for remote visual inspection and precise three-dimensional (3D) measurements in industrial and biomedical applications. The reconstruction of 3D points from the corresponding image points requires calibration procedure which accuracy affects the measurement uncertainty. We propose to perform an optimal choice of the calibration technique and the calibration target parameters using the computer simulation at the design stage. The effectiveness of this approach is demonstrated via the design of self-developed miniature prism-based stereoscopic system. We simulated acquisition of the calibration and measurement data using optical design software. The conventional calibration technique requiring many positions of the flat target with arbitrary displacements and rotations was compared with another one, which uses the translation stage to provide pure translation of the target. We analyzed the impact of the translation uncertainty, the number of positions, the number of targets and the uncertainty of image point coordinates on the uncertainty of calibration parameters and 3D measurements. We have shown that the second technique could provide the same calibration accuracy as the first one with less number of images. The results of computer simulation were confirmed experimentally using the prototype of the self-developed stereoscopic endoscope. The proposed approach may be used to optimize calibration techniques and reduce a cost of calibration equipment for various stereoscopic measurement systems.
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Alexey V. Gorevoy, Alexander S. Machikhin, Demid D. Khokhlov, and Vladislav I. Batshev "Optimization of a geometrical calibration procedure for stereoscopic endoscopy systems", Proc. SPIE 11056, Optical Measurement Systems for Industrial Inspection XI, 110562W (21 June 2019);

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