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20 April 2020 Asymmetric hole array: tuning the optical circular dichroism for chiral molecules sensing
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Optical enantioselectivity of chiral molecules could be enhanced by depositing them on suitable nanostructured substrates. Different kind of chiral substrates can be developed, but chiral features are in general difficult to fabricate or costly. Self-assembled approach allows realizing plasmonic metasurfaces with a low cost reliable procedure. In this case asymmetric fabrication parameters can induce chiral optical response of the realised substrate. Self-organized polystyrene spheres deposited on glass substrate, are utilised to produce asymmetric hole array on a metal thin film. In our case the spheres (518 nm in diameter) where reduced by selective reactive ion etching and then covered by gold (and other metals), that is evaporated at a glancing angle. After the removing of the spheres an elliptical-hole array is produced forming a circular-dichroic substrate. The circular dichroic response of light interacting with the substrate can be tuned by choosing proper incidence angle and excitation wavelength, while the flat nature of the metasurface is very useful for easy molecular deposition processes. Two new enantiomers (right-handed and left-handed molecules) have been synthesized in order to present a good circular dichroism in the visible range and to be tested on the realized metasurfaces. Different tests were carried out on the samples, investigating the spectral optical properties of the structures with and without chiral molecules on top of them. The results are very promising due to the possibility of easily tuning and optimizing the optical response.
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A. Belardini, E. Petronijevic, Grigore Leahu, T. Cesca, C. Scian, F. Pandolfi, G. Mattei, L. Mattiello, and C. Sibilia "Asymmetric hole array: tuning the optical circular dichroism for chiral molecules sensing", Proc. SPIE 11344, Metamaterials XII, 113440B (20 April 2020);

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