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1 April 2020 Ultrafast photophysical studies and femtosecond third-order nonlinear optical properties of a Soret-band excited zinc phthalocyanine
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Herein, results from the investigation of ultrafast photophysical and third-order nonlinear optical properties of newly synthesized Zn phthalocyanine, namely [Zinc (II) 2,10,16,24tetrakis(2,6-dichloropyridin-3-yl) phthalocyanine, PyCl2PC] molecule are presented. The photophysical properties were studied using femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopy while the NLO properties were measured using the single beam Z-scan and degenerate four-wave mixing (DFWM) techniques. The transient absorption spectra were obtained at 400 nm photoexcitation and a white light continuum probed the corresponding dynamics from (440-780 nm) in the solution phase. The obtained transient absorption spectra were globally fitted using a kinetic model which yielded the different photophysical constants after photoexcitation such as (i) internal conversion from higher electronic excited state (Sn) to lower electronic state (S1) happening in 1 ps (ii) Vibrational relaxation (6.25 ps) occurring within the S1 states (III) Intersystem crossing (1.78 ns) (IV) relaxation from the triplet states to ground state (0.11 μs). Nonlinear absorption properties were measured at 800 nm wavelength utilizing ~70 fs, 1 kHz laser pulses in the solution phase. A large two-photon absorption coefficient (β) of ~8×10-13 cm/W was obtained and the corresponding cross-section was estimated to be 659 GM. Time-resolved degenerate four-wave-mixing measurements revealed a large magnitude and an ultrafast response of χ(3).
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Naga Krishnakanth Katturi, Venkata Suman Krishna Jonnadula, Chinmoy Biswas, Sai Santosh Kumar Raavi, Lingamallu Giribabu, and Venugopal Rao Soma "Ultrafast photophysical studies and femtosecond third-order nonlinear optical properties of a Soret-band excited zinc phthalocyanine", Proc. SPIE 11365, Organic Electronics and Photonics: Fundamentals and Devices II, 113650W (1 April 2020);

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