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13 December 2020 NIRPS: status updates and project overview
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NIRPS is a near-infrared (YJH bands), fiber-fed, high-resolution precision radial velocity (pRV) spectrograph currently under construction for deployment at the ESO 3.6-m telescope in La Silla, Chile. Through the use of a dichroic, NIRPS will be operated simultaneously with the optical HARPS pRV spectrograph and will be used to conduct ambitious planet-search and characterization surveys through a 720-night of guaranteed time allocation. NIRPS aims at detecting and characterizing Earth-like planets in the habitable zone of low-mass dwarfs and obtain high-accuracy transit spectroscopy of exoplanets. Here we present a summary of the full performances obtained in laboratory tests conducted at Université Laval (Canada), and the first results of the on-going on-sky commissioning of the front-end. Science operations of NIRPS is expected to start in late-2020, enabling significant synergies with major space and ground instruments such as the JWST, TESS, ALMA, PLATO and the ELT.
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