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13 December 2020 Conceptual design of a high-resolution ultra-stable spectrograph for GTC
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"A joint project has been proposed by the Chinese and Spanish astronomy communities, to develop a high-resolution, ultra- stable spectrograph for the Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC) at La Palma. Being expected to conduct precise radial velocity (PRV) measurement with extreme precision of up to 10 cm s−1, the instrument would promote the very high, present interest in the astronomical community to detect and characterize exoplanets. The project successfully passed the conceptual design review (CoDR) in 2019. The instrument is composed of a near-UV band spectrograph (UVS) and a visible band spectrograph (VIS). They provide a spectral resolving power of R ≥100,000 in the visible band (420 nm – 780 nm), and R≥25,000 in the UV band (310 nm – 420 nm). The VIS subsystem will be enclosed in an ultra-stable environment in the Coudé room for the stellar precise radial velocity (PRV) measurements. T he UVS subsystem will be located near the Nasmyth focus to improve the total throughput at the wavelength shorter than 400 nm, to ensure various additional science cases ranging from stellar evolution to the measurement of fundamental constants. This paper gives an overview of the project background, science cases, and technical considerations during the conceptual design phase."
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Kai Zhang, Jianrong Shi, Yongtian Zhu, Liang Wang, Dong Xiao, Huiqi Ye, Lei Wang, Zhen Wu, Chenchao Liu, Zhibo Hao, Huatao Zhang, Qiqige Xin, Jian Han, Zhen Tang, Yujuan Liu, Hongliang Yan, Haining Li, Romano L. M. Corradi, Carlos Allende Prieto, Javier Castro López, and Jonay I. González Hernández "Conceptual design of a high-resolution ultra-stable spectrograph for GTC", Proc. SPIE 11447, Ground-based and Airborne Instrumentation for Astronomy VIII, 114475I (13 December 2020);


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