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20 August 2020 N20 VIIRS RSB calibration algorithms and results: collection 2.0
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The NOAA-20 (N20) satellite, previously the Joint Polar Satellite System-1 satellite, was launched on November 18, 2017. One of the five major scientific instruments aboard the satellite is the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS). VIIRS scans the Earth’s surface in 22 spectral bands, 14 of which are the reflective solar bands (RSBs) with band center wavelengths from 0.412 to 2.25 μm. VIIRS regularly performs on-orbit radiometric calibration of its RSBs, primarily through the observations of the onboard solar diffuser (SD). The on-orbit change of the SD’s bidirectional reflectance distribution function, known as the H-factor, is determined by the onboard SD stability monitor (SDSM). Since the Hfactor exhibits angular dependence, obtaining the H-factor along the SD to the telescope direction is a challenge for the NOAA-20 VIIRS. Recently, Collection 2.0 of the NASA Land Science Investigator-led Processing Systems (SIPS) products were released. As a part of this reprocessing effort, we made two major improvements in the N20 VIIRS RSB radiometric calibration. One is the improved SD and SDSM attenuation screen transmittance functions, obtained by using calibration data collected during both the yaw maneuver and a small portion of regular orbits, resulting in a higher quality H-factor for the SDSM view. Another is the use of the H-factor for the telescope view, derived from the H-factor for the SDSM view, by using the results for the SNPP VIIRS. In June 2019, we delivered a set of mission-long N20 VIIRS Collection 2.0 RSB radiometric calibration look-up-tables. These tables have been employed by the NASA Land SIPS group to reprocess the entire time series of the NOAA-20 VIIRS products. In this paper, we discuss the Collection 2.0 NOAA-20 VIIRS RSB calibration algorithms and results.
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Ning Lei, Kevin Twedt, Amit Angal, Sherry Li, Tiejun Chang, Xu Geng, and Xiaoxiong Xiong "N20 VIIRS RSB calibration algorithms and results: collection 2.0", Proc. SPIE 11501, Earth Observing Systems XXV, 1150114 (20 August 2020);

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