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20 August 2020 S-NPP and N20 VIIRS RSB bands detector-to-detector calibration differences assessment using a homogeneous ground target
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The S-NPP and N20 satellites have successfully operated since their launches on October 28, 2011 and November 18, 2017, respectively. This paper provides an assessment of the detector calibration stability for the reflective solar bands (RSBs) observed from both S-NPP and N20 VIIRS. Top-of-atmosphere radiances from near-nadir observations over the homogeneous Libya 4 desert site are extracted from the S-NPP VIIRS Collection 1 and N20 Collection 2 Level-1B products. The radiances from individual detectors per Half‐angle Mirror side are studied. The comparisons of the normalized radiance to all detector average values indicate that the detector calibration differences are wavelength dependent. The S-NPP detector differences have been slowly increasing in the past 8.5 years and bands M1-M4 have 1.3%- 2.2% detector differences in 2019. N20 detector differences are stable and small in the past two years except SWIR M bands. N20 M10 and M11 have 1.3% and 2.1% detector differences, respectively. S-NPP DNB detector differences are about 0.8% and N20 DNB detector differences are about 0.5%. Most bands HAM side differences are less than 0.25% in the past years except N20 VIIRS M1 HAM side differences are 0.57% in 2018 and 0.54% in 2019. The Libya 4 images have small but noticeable striping in S-NPP M1-M4 data as well as in N20 M1, M8, M10, and M11 data. These study results have been applied in the S-NPP Collection 2 new algorithm to remove the detector differences. This research help scientists and VIIRS users better understand detector calibration differences in different version VIIRS products.
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Sherry Li, Xiaoxiong Xiong, and Ning Lei "S-NPP and N20 VIIRS RSB bands detector-to-detector calibration differences assessment using a homogeneous ground target", Proc. SPIE 11501, Earth Observing Systems XXV, 115011N (20 August 2020);

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