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21 August 2020 Color imaging through a scattering layer from one grayscale speckle pattern
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Scattering light imaging technique has attracted extensive research because of its huge potential in the fields of biomedical microscopy, remote-sensing mapping etc. For most methods now available to reconstruct an object hidden behind scattering media, the main focus is on reconstructing the shape of the object without considering its spectral information. While imaging a color object, it is often necessary to measure a series of Point Spread Functions (PSFs) or Wavelength-Dependent Speckle Patterns (WDSPs) under various wavelengths of illumination. It’s obvious that these methods are either invasive to the object or require multiple exposures. Here, by taking advantage of the Wavelength- Dependent Response Characteristics (WDRC) of the Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator (LC-SLM), we propose an alternative way to reconstruct a hidden color object with noninvasive and single-exposure strategy. A monochromatic camera is adopted to capture the wavelength-multiplexing gray-scale speckle pattern, which can be then demultiplexed into a number of WDSPs by utilizing of a designed Multi-modal Phase Retrieval Algorithm (MM-PRA). Then, a typical speckle correlation technique (SCT) is applied to reconstruct each component of the hidden color object. The feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed method are demonstrated by numerical results in this work while the optical experiments are on the way.
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Wenqi He, Qi Xing, Dajiang Lu, Meihua Liao, Zijie Chen, and Xiang Peng "Color imaging through a scattering layer from one grayscale speckle pattern", Proc. SPIE 11509, Optics and Photonics for Information Processing XIV, 115090M (21 August 2020);

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