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10 October 2020 High-performance perovskite photodetector with the additive of antisolvent to improve the quality of the perovskite films
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The preparation of high-quality perovskite films with optimal morphologies is important for achieving high-performance perovskite photodetectors (PPDs). An effective strategy to optimize the morphologies is to add antisolvents during the spin-coating steps. In this work, an environment-friendly antisolvent ethyl acetate (EA) was employed to improve the quality of perovskite films, which can effectively regulate the formation of an intermediate phase staged in between a liquid precursor phase and a solid perovskite phase due to its moderate polarity, and further promote the homogeneous nucleation and crystal growth in the subsequent annealing process, thus leading to the formation of high-quality perovskite films and enhanced photodetector (PD) performance. As a result, the responsivity of the PPDs reached 0.85 A W-1 under the illumination of 532 nm laser with the power density of 6.37 μW cm-2 at bias voltage of -2 V. The corresponding detectivity reached 3.27 × 1011 Jones, while the rise time and fall time are 256 ns and 370 ns, respectively. These results demonstrates that our developed solution-processed method with EA as antisolvent has remarkably advantages for the fabrication of high-performance PPDs and can provide a reference for the other similar research work.
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Tengteng Li, Qingyan Li, Xin Ding, Xin Tang, Yating Zhang, Zhiliang Chen, Yifan Li, Lufan Jin, Hongliang Zhao, Jie Li, Silei Wang, and Jianquan Yao "High-performance perovskite photodetector with the additive of antisolvent to improve the quality of the perovskite films", Proc. SPIE 11547, Optoelectronic Devices and Integration IX, 115471B (10 October 2020);

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