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22 March 2021 Visualization of Airy-beam large volumetric sensing photoacoustic microscopy based on K-wave
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As an emerging nondestructive imaging technology recently, photoacoustic imaging (PAI), which is based on photoacoustic effect, combines the advantages: the high resolution and contrast of optical imaging and the high penetration depth of acoustic imaging. Thereinto, as a branch of photoacoustic imaging, photoacoustic microimaging inherited the advantages of photoacoustic imaging. The unique focusing mode of photoacoustic microimaging can meet the requirements of higher resolution in biological imaging, thus, it gained extensive applications in medical science field. However, on account of using high numerical aperture objective lens strongly focus on Gaussian beam, traditional photoacoustic microimaging system has shallow depth of imaging field, and its transverse resolution and signal-to-noise ratio deteriorate rapidly outside the focal point, limiting the velocity of large volume imaging. Owing to solve these problems, in this paper, we build a simulation platform for Airy beam photoacoustic microscopy based on K-Wave simulation toolbox. This platform uses Airy beam to inspire initial Photoacoustic signal in large volume and K-Wave simulation toolbox to simulate the propagation, recording and reconstruction process of Photoacoustic signal. As nondiffraction beam, Airy beam features the capacity of large depth of field, thus, its application could reach the requirement of large depth of field imaging of Photoacoustic microscopy system. Measuring the performances of the constructed Photoacoustic microscopy system, we constructed three-dimensional imaging of the blood vessel. By simulating A-Scan, B-Scan and C-Scan, we measured the performances of this system, such as axial resolution, transverse resolution and depth of field. Meanwhile, the three-dimensional imaging of the vertically tilted fiber also verified the three-dimensional imaging capability of the Airy beam photoacoustic microscopy simulation platform. The establishment of the simulation platform has a significance for the theoretical research of photoacoustic microscopy and its application in biomedicine.
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Ganyu Chen, Jianshuang Wei, Lingfang Song, and Xianlin Song "Visualization of Airy-beam large volumetric sensing photoacoustic microscopy based on K-wave", Proc. SPIE 11590, Nano-, Bio-, Info-Tech Sensors and Wearable Systems, 1159016 (22 March 2021);

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