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15 February 2021 Semi-automated calibration of a hand-held stereovision system using a tracked calibration frame for image guided surgery
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Intraoperative stereovision (iSV) systems are used for image data acquisition of the surgical field to facilitate image updating in image-guided surgery. We have developed an optically-tracked hand-held stereovision (HHS) system, but the calibration process was lengthy and the accuracy can be greatly affected by localization errors. This study shows the efficacy of using a rigid calibration checkerboard contained within a custom-built tracking frame for semi-automated iSV calibration. First, stereo camera parameters were calculated with a mean reprojection error of 0.28 pixels using 46 image pairs. Then, the checkerboard was calibrated to optically track all corner points. Specifically, locations of 4 outermost corner points on the checkerboard pattern were collected 93 times using a tracked stylus, and internal corner points were interpolated. Computed spacing between corner points was 15.01±0.04 mm and 15.05±0.08 mm in x and y directions, respectively, compared to the advertised spacing of 15 mm for both x and y directions. Next, we captured 169 image pairs of the tracked calibration checkerboard to reconstruct the 3D coordinates of corner points in the camera space. After, we calculated a rigid transformation between the reconstructed points and their tracked locations with a mean error of 0.31±0.02 mm. Finally, another 50 image pairs of the tracked checkerboard were used to verify the calibration accuracy and showed a mean error of 0.88±0.24 mm. These results show promise to automate the calibration process for future units and settings.
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Ryan Duke, Xiaoyao Fan, Songbai Ji, Sohail K. Mirza, and Keith D. Paulsen "Semi-automated calibration of a hand-held stereovision system using a tracked calibration frame for image guided surgery", Proc. SPIE 11598, Medical Imaging 2021: Image-Guided Procedures, Robotic Interventions, and Modeling, 115981W (15 February 2021);

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