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5 March 2021 Light-controlled spectral selectivity in polarization-sensitive materials
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The phenomenon of vector polyphotochromism was found earlier in some high-efficient polarization-sensitive materials depending on the radiant exposure of the inducing linearly polarized actinic light. This effect was observed at high radiant exposures. In this paper the vector polyphotochromic effect is considered when azimuthally dependent exposure is used. The principal difference in these two approaches is that, in exposure-dependent technique, the transmission spectrum of the material depends on the magnitude of the inducing light exposure and this dependence is non-linear. Therefore, certain tunable spectral profiles of the material are very difficult to be fixed, in particular, in the blue spectral region. In the use of the azimuthally dependent technique, the changes in the transmission spectrum are occurred depending on the polarization azimuth of the inducing light. It is shown that the advantage of this approach is the possibility of inducing this effect at much lower exposures of the exciting radiation and obtaining approximately linear dependence of the spectral characteristics of the material on illumination conditions. It should be noted the material used exhibits photochromic behavior of an unusual nature, which is based not on a slight change in the spectral characteristics of the pigment under the light action, but there are changes in the so-called interference color of the medium as a result of selective quenching the corresponding regions of the transmission spectrum of the given material. The polarizationsensitive materials based on biopolymer matrix and organic azo dyes have been used. The obtained results can be used for creating spectral-selective polarization element with high-speed.
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Irakli Chaganava, George Kakauridze, Barbara Kilosanidze, and Irine Kobulashvili "Light-controlled spectral selectivity in polarization-sensitive materials", Proc. SPIE 11683, Organic Photonic Materials and Devices XXIII, 1168311 (5 March 2021);

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