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1 February 1991 Holographic characteristics of IAE and PFG-01 photoplates for colored pulsed holography
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Ho 1 ographic character ist i cs of 14A3 s i ngle- layer and mul ty- 1 ayer photoplates of laboratory production with sensitization to red and green spectral regions for transmission-type colored pulsed hologram recording are studied as well as new industrial llt3r-oi materials sensitization to red spectral region. The recording of colored holograms is possible with the use of either separate plates with the narrow sensitization or of photolayers sensitive to the broad spectral zone. For records in green regon of the spectra the good results are providet by BPII and (MIP photoplates . For records in the red region the indastrial llT-oi photoplates are developed. The conditions of optical and chemical sensitization were optimized to provide the best holographic characteristics under the exposure by pulsed (nanosecond pulse duration included) as well as by continuous radiation. To increase the sensitivity the photo-plates were hypersensitized in tn-ethanol amine water solutions of 110 concentration. Five minutes bathing in water or in weak tn-ethanol amine water solutions increases the sensitivity by a factor of 2-3. The increase of concentration up to 10 results in sensitivity growth in the region of short expositions however the values of maximum diffraction efficiency are decreased. To increse the photostability the processing in methil viologen solutions was used . Here the diffraction efficiency is not changed after the irradiation by the filament lamp of 200 lx illumination
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N. D. Vorzobova, R. V. Rjabova, and A. I. Schvarzvald "Holographic characteristics of IAE and PFG-01 photoplates for colored pulsed holography", Proc. SPIE 1238, Three-Dimensional Holography: Science, Culture, Education, (1 February 1991);

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