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7 October 1994 Integrated two-color detection for advanced focal plane array (FPA) applications
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Integrated two-color detector arrays offer significant system advantages (over separate arrays for each color) where two-color information is required. Using a single array with co-located spectral band sensitivities guarantees perfect pixel registration between the two different spectral band images. These two-color IR detectors can be made in HgCdTe using a pair of back-to-back-diodes incorporated in a triple-layer heterojunction (TLHJ). Use of HgCdTe allows any combination of bands between SWIR and LWIR. TLHJs can be operated in either a sequential or simultaneous mode by leaving the layer common to the two diodes floating or by contacting it. The effect of the choice of spectral bands on the meaning of sequential and simultaneous operation is discussed. State-of-the-art trend line performance for each spectral band of a TLHJ has been demonstrated using an all-LPE HgCdTe technology at SBRC. Mean MWIR RrA of 2 X 107 (Omega) -cm2 and LWIR of 1.6 X 103 (Omega) -cm2 have been shown. Quantum efficiencies are typical of trend line PV HgCdTe. Very high quality imaging has been demonstrated using 64 X 64 sensor chip assemblies in a sequential mode incorporating the above TLHJs. Simultaneous detectors have been made in miniarrays and test structures of various size unit cells. 128 X 128 simultaneous arrays are under study. Imaging and test results (performance and uniformity) for each band are comparable to state-of-the-art single-color HgCdTe arrays.
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Jerry A. Wilson, Elizabeth A. Patten, G. R. Chapman, Kim Kosai, B. Baumgratz, P. Goetz, S. J. Tighe, R. F. Risser, R. F. Herald, William A. Radford, Tse Tung, and W. A. Terre "Integrated two-color detection for advanced focal plane array (FPA) applications", Proc. SPIE 2274, Infrared Detectors: State of the Art II, (7 October 1994);


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