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8 December 1995 Photonics of fullerene-conducting polymer composites and multilayered structures: new results and prospects
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The general features of charge transfer processes fullerene/conducting polymer (CP) systems, such as energetics of photoinduced charge transfer (PCT) between C60 and CP (pi) - electronic states, geometry of (pi) -(pi) overlapping and the role of self-trapping effects to polaronic states on C60 and CP chains on the PCT dynamics are analyzed. Persistent photoconductivity and electroluminescence quenching recently found in C60/CP composites additionally to photoconductivity enhancement and photoluminescence quenching observed earlier, indicate that photogenerated C60 radicals may be extremely long living in CP matrices, due to multicharging of C60 as suggested by us accompanied with deep self-trapping to polaron/bipolaron states. The anisotropy of PCT is proposed to arise due to orientational modulation of overlapping between polaronic rings on C60 and CP which strongly suppresses back recombination. The strategy to increase the efficiency of C60CP donor-acceptor (DA) photocells by improving PCT is analyzed, particularly considering multilayered structures with polarization barriers at interfaces, and increased intralayer mobilities of carriers. To increase the efficiency of photons collection in photocells we suggest three layered D-M-A structures, with molecular 'photon pump' layers strongly absorbing photons. The prospects for novel photonic applications of various C60CP systems, such as NLO devices and photomodulated field effect transistors (FETs) are discussed and illustrated by the newest results. New results on superconductivity of C60/CP upon alkali metal doping are presented, and exciting possibilities for novel superconducting phases in this system are discussed.
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Katsumi Yoshino, Kenji Yoshimoto, Kazuya Tada, Hishashi Araki, Tsuyoshi Kawai, Masanori Ozaki, and Anvar A. Zakhidov "Photonics of fullerene-conducting polymer composites and multilayered structures: new results and prospects", Proc. SPIE 2530, Fullerenes and Photonics II, (8 December 1995);

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