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31 October 1996 Reflection Grating Spectrometer on board XMM
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The x-ray multi-mirror (XMM) mission is the second of four cornerstone projects of the ESA long-term program for space science, Horizon 2000. The payload comprises three co- aligned high-throughput, imaging telescopes with a FOV of 30 arcmin and spatial resolution less than 20 arcsec. Imaging CCD-detectors (EPIC) are placed in the focus of each telescope. Behind two of the three telescopes, about half the x-ray light is utilized by the reflection grating spectrometer (RGS). The x-ray instruments are co-aligned and measure simultaneously with an optical monitor (OM). The RGS instruments achieve high spectral resolution and high efficiency in the combined first and second order of diffraction in the wavelength range between 5 and 35 angstrom. The design incorporates an array of reflection gratings placed in the converging beam at the exit from the x-ray telescope. The grating stack diffracts the x-rays to an array of dedicated charge-coupled device (CCD) detectors offset from the telescope focal plane. The cooling of the CCDs is provided through a passive radiator. The design and performance of the instrument are described below.
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