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22 October 1996 MBE growth of HgCdTe IR detector structures on Si substrates: recent advances and future prospects
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Significant progress has been made in the technology for MBE growth of HgCdTe infrared focal-plane arrays on Si substrates since the initial demonstration of MBE HgCdTe-on- Si heteroepitaxy in 1989. In 1995, the first all-MBE-grown detector arrays on Si were produced through direct MBE growth of (112)B-oriented II-VI films on Si without III-V initiation layers, culminating in detector performance comparable to LPE-grown detectors on bulk CdZnTe substrates. This achievement was enabled by the development of two key contributing technologies: CdTe on Si buffer layer growth and HgCdTe p-on-n double-layer heterojunction growth using p-type chemical doping with As. The MBE process for deposition of high crystalline quality CdTe buffer layers has been developed so that x-ray rocking curve FWHM less than 75 arc-sec and near-surface etch pit densities (EPD) of 2 multiplied by 106 cm-2 are routinely achievable for 9-micrometer-thick CdTe buffer layers. The dependence of CdTe EPD on ZnTe initiation layer thickness, insertion of CdTe/CdZnTe strained layer superlattices, and thermal cycling to cryogenic temperatures has been investigated and is reviewed. HgCdTe baselayers deposited by MBE on these CdTe/Si composite substrates exhibit x-ray FWHM as low as 72 arc-sec and EPD of 3 - 20 multiplied by 106 cm-2. To demonstrate the potential for MBE growth of large-area HgCdTe FPAs on Si, detectors with 78 K cutoff wavelength of 7.8 micrometer have been fabricated in this HgCdTe/Si epitaxial material with array-average R0A product of 1.64 multiplied by 104 (Omega) -cm2 (0 FOV).
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Terence J. de Lyon, Rajesh D. Rajavel, John E. Jensen, Owen K. Wu, J. A. Vigil, Scott M. Johnson, Charles A. Cockrum, and G. M. Venzor "MBE growth of HgCdTe IR detector structures on Si substrates: recent advances and future prospects", Proc. SPIE 2816, Infrared Detectors for Remote Sensing: Physics, Materials, and Devices, (22 October 1996);


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