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14 October 1997 X-ray spectral images of high-repetition 120-fs laser-produced plasma
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In the present paper we are demonstrated achievement of high spatial resolution for x-ray spectrum of plasma produced by 20 mJ, high-repetition 120 fs laser using a Bragg-Fresnel linear zone plate structure on the mica crystal surface. We had also measured x-ray spectra near resonance line of He(alpha ) of Mg XI with simultaneously high spectral (up to (lambda) /(Delta) (lambda) equals 10000) and spatial ((Delta) x equals 10 micrometers ) resolution from plasma, heated by such laser, using spectrograph with spherical bent crystal. We demonstrated the important role of inner-shell excitation mechanism for low confinement parameters and propose new excitation channels from highly populated excited states (Li-like and Be-like satellite levels). The collision excitation cross sections for these processes do not decrease with principal quantum number. These channels can be also subject to electron beam excitation. It was shown also the big role of transient effects for Rydberg- Satellites due to a strong three-body recombination into high n-states in the cooling phase. Total spectra simulations are in rather close agreement with experimental results. New 3d104 - 3d94l6f spectral features of Cu-like barium, previously observed as unresolved transition arrays, are resolved at first time in present paper and enabling plasma diagnostics which were not possible before. The plasma electron density and temperature are found to be in the ranges: Ne equals 5 X 1021 - 1022 cm-3 and kTe equals 100 - 50 eV, respectively. The generation of intense, collimated monochromatic x-ray beams ((lambda) approximately 9.5 angstroms) results are presented too.
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Tatiana A. Pikuz, Anatoly Ya. Faenov, Moshe Fraenkel, Arie Zigler, R. Doron, E. Behar, P. Mandelbaum, Jean Louis Schwob, Frank B. Rosmej, Alexander A. Firsov, L. A. Panchenko, and Yuri I. Koval "X-ray spectral images of high-repetition 120-fs laser-produced plasma", Proc. SPIE 3157, Applications of X Rays Generated from Lasers and Other Bright Sources, (14 October 1997);


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