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22 December 1997 Readout characteristics of integrated monolithic InGaAs active pixel sensor array
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A newly fabricated monolithic InGaAs active pixel image sensor is presented, and its readout characteristics are described. The sensor is fabricated from InGaAs epitaxially deposited on an InP substrate. It consists of an InGaAs photodiode connected to InP depletion-mode junction field effect transistors (JFETs) for signal buffering, selection and reset. The monolithic sensor eliminates the need for hybridization with a silicon multiplexer, and in addition, allows the sensor to be front illuminated, making it sensitive to visible as well as IR radiation. With further development, the sensor is ideal for dual band (visible/IR) applications, including optical communication. It is also well suited to applications requiring near room temperature, broad band response such as for atmospheric gas sensing and target identification. Two different types of small 4 by 1 test arrays have been fabricated. One is a source follower per detector architecture. Here the signal charge is integrated on the photodiode capacitance. The photodiode is connected to a gate of a JFET configured as a source-follower, which buffers the photodiode voltage. The other test circuit uses a capacitive transimpedance amplifier. This circuit contains an invertor using an input JFET with a passive JFET load. The photodiode is connected to the JFET gate. A feedback capacitor causes the circuit to act as an integrator, while keeping the diode input bias relatively constant. Both circuits also contain JFET switches for reset and selection. Selection connects the output of the chosen cell onto a common output bus. In this exploratory development effort, the effectiveness of these two different readout circuits will be discussed in terms of leakage, operating frequency, and temperature. These results then will guide for the second phase demonstration of integrated two dimensional monolithic active pixel sensor arrays for application in transportable shipboard surveillance, night vision and emission spectroscopy.
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Quiesup Kim, Thomas J. Cunningham, Bedabrata Pain, Michael J. Lange, and Gregory H. Olsen "Readout characteristics of integrated monolithic InGaAs active pixel sensor array", Proc. SPIE 3290, Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits II, (22 December 1997);

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