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27 July 1998 Development of a LIGA-based elastodynamic flying mechanism
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With the emergence of MEMS and LIGA technology piezoceramics can be integrated to create tiny solid state devices. The precision motion that piezoelectric materials can provide is complimented by the tolerances that can be achieved through MEMS and LIGA micromachining. The integration of these two technologies is ideal for microactuation. A LIGA based devices has been developed that is capable of amplifying small motions from a piezoelectric element into an output stroke angle large enough to produce flight. Micro flight is a difficult aerodynamic problem. With small wing areas conventional lift requires velocities that are difficult to achieve. However it is possible to induce lift using drag in the same manner as some birds and insects. Flapping is a highly efficient way to produce flight. For sustained low energy flight both insects and birds use a complex elastodynamic system that only requires them to excite it at its natural frequency. The actuation device presented is based on the same flight principle of insects and birds, a resonating elastodynamic system excited at its natural frequency or at a lower harmonic. This allows for long distance flights that require little energy. Piezoceramics posses a high energy level and force output that can excite the device and induce a flapping motion. The dynamics of the system rely on the LIGA flexure mechanism, the piezoelectric element, as well as the aerodynamic interaction of the wing and the air which is a complex nonlinear problem.
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Adam G. Cox and Ephrahim Garcia "Development of a LIGA-based elastodynamic flying mechanism", Proc. SPIE 3329, Smart Structures and Materials 1998: Smart Structures and Integrated Systems, (27 July 1998);


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