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21 December 1998 HgCdTe multispectral infrared FPAs for remote sensing applications
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Infrared (IR) remote sensing imaging applications require high-performance Focal Plane Arrays (FPAs) operating in all ranges of the IR spectrum. Short wavelength (SWIR; 1 to 3 micrometer), middle wavelength (MWIR; 3 to 5 micrometer), mid- long wavelength (MLWIR; 6 to 8 micrometer), long wavelength (LWIR; 8 to 14 micrometer), and very long wavelength (VLWIR; greater than 14 micrometer). These diverse spectral bands require high performance detectors and Read Out Integrated Circuits (ROICs) to perform the multi-spectral mission requirements. Significant progress in the design and fabrication of HgCdTe detector arrays and Read Out Integrated Circuits (ROICs) over the past few years has led to the demonstration of high resolution, low noise and large format reliable FPAs. Hybrid FPAs have been measured and their performance parameters are presented. Focal Plane Array D* performance values have been obtained for a multitude of spectral ranges and configurations that include; (1) (lambda) c equals 1.8 micrometer, 12 X 256 arrays operating at 295 K with median D* approximately 1.4 X 1012 cm Hz1/2/W, (2) (lambda) c equals 2.4 micrometer, 12 X 256 arrays operating at 250 K with median D* equals 1.6 X 1012 cm Hz1/2/W, detectors used are grown by MBE on lattice matched CdZnTe, (3) PACE-1 detectors with (lambda) c equals 2.5 micrometer, 1024 X 1024 arrays operating at 115 K with peak D* of 2.3 X 1013 cm Hz1/2/W at a background flux (phi) b equals 1.2 X 1011 ph/cm2- s, (4) MBE HgCdTe on Silicon MWIR detectors have been fabricated and the detector RoA performance for (lambda) co approximately 5.0 micrometer is in the 106 to 107 ohm-cm2 range at 78 K. (5) MBE HgCdTe on CdZnTe detectors, ((lambda) c equals 15.8 micrometer at 65 K), 128 X 128 array operating at 40 K with peak D* of 2.76 X 1011 cm Hz1/2/W at a background flux (phi) b equals 8.0 X 1015 ph/cm2-s. High performance 640 X 480 arrays imaging in the MWIR band have been fabricated on CdZnTe and PACE-1 substrates. The performance of these and additional FPAs will be presented.
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Arvind I. D'Souza, Larry C. Dawson, Dan J. Berger, Arvel Dean Markum, Jagmohan Bajaj, William E. Tennant, Jose M. Arias, Lester J. Kozlowski, Kadri Vural, and Priyalal S. Wijewarnasuriya "HgCdTe multispectral infrared FPAs for remote sensing applications", Proc. SPIE 3498, Sensors, Systems, and Next-Generation Satellites II, (21 December 1998);


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