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7 August 1998 Spectroscopic properties and 3-μm lasing of Er3+:YVO4 crystals
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The spectroscopic properties and 3-micrometer lasing of Er3+ doped in yttrium vanadate (YVO4) were investigated in this paper. It is found that the Er3+ concentration has a negative effect on the emission of the transition 4I13/2 yields 4I15/2 (1.55 micrometer), and a positive effect on that of the 4I11/2 yields 4I13/2 transition (2.68 micrometer). With direct upper-state pumping and a plane-concave cavity a self terminating laser was achieved at the wavelength of 2.724 micrometer in the 30 at.% Er3+ doped sample. No laser activities were realized in the crystals with lower Er3+ concentrations. The laser activities of Er3+:YVO4 and Er:YAG were compared and the differences between both were discussed on the basis of the features of the upper and lower state and the population dynamics of the two levels. It is proposed that the lack of effective cross relaxations between ions in the 4I13/2 state in the Er3+:YVO4 are responsible for the termination of its 3 micrometer laser. The possible ways to improve the laser behavior were also suggested based on the discussions.
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Jinguo Wang, Zhiguo Zhang, Jingzhou Xu, Jiren Xu, Panming Fu, Baining Liu, U. Taeuber, Hans Joachim Eichler, A. Dicninig, G. Huber, Xiuli Yan, Xing Wu, and Yandao Jiang "Spectroscopic properties and 3-μm lasing of Er3+:YVO4 crystals", Proc. SPIE 3549, High-Power Lasers: Solid State, Gas, Excimer, and Other Advanced Lasers II, (7 August 1998);

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