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30 April 1999 Integration of high power laser diodes with microoptical components in a compact pumping source for visible fiber laser
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A novel technique, the so-called skew ray imaging concept, has been developed for beam transformation of high power diode laser bars. It leads to beam circularization with optimum brightness conservation. This concept uses two key microoptical components: a fast axis collimator microlens (FAC) of high isoplanatism and a special array of beam deflecting elements, the number of which corresponds to the single emitter number of the diode laser. Using this concept of skew ray imaging in a modified form, prototypes of pumping sources for visible fiber laser have been developed and built up. Several watts of optical power have been focused into a small spot of 25 micrometers with a numerical aperture of 0.35. GRIN cylindrical microlenses with 0.1 mm focal length and diffractive blazed gratings as redirector have been used. The grating periods of the redirector sections have been between 8 and 100 (mu) M. They have been produced by e-beam direct writing in resist. After optimization of the fabrication process the diffraction efficiencies of al sections have been beyond 86 percent with good reproducibility. Special techniques have been sued for system integration. The FAC microlenses have been attached to a copper lens holder with a subsequent gluing process of the holder to the laser diode heatsink. A UV-curable adhesive with extremely low shrinkage has been selected. The redirector element has been integrated with an additional possibility for lateral adjustment in order to compensate minor residual walk-off effects of the microlens when the laser power is varied from zero to maximum. A very compact pumping source of 3 inches X 1 inch X 1 inch dimensions has been realized with 5 W optical power in the desired spot. First diode pumped fiber laser operation in the visible has been demonstrated with this source.
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Rolf Goering, Bernd Hoefer, Anke Kraeplin, Peter Schreiber, Ernst-Bernhard Kley, and Volkmar Schmeisser "Integration of high power laser diodes with microoptical components in a compact pumping source for visible fiber laser", Proc. SPIE 3631, Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits and Packaging III, (30 April 1999);


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