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27 October 1999 MTI on-orbit calibration
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The Multi-spectral Thermal Imager (MTI) will be a satellite- based imaging system that will provide images in fifteen spectral bands covering large portions of the spectrum from 0.45 through 10.7 microns. An important goal of the mission is to provide data with state-of-the-art radiometric calibration. The on-orbit calibration will rely on the pre-launch ground calibration and will be maintained by vicarious calibration campaigns. System drifts before and between the vicarious calibration campaigns will be monitored by several on-board sources that serve as transfer sources in the calibration of external images. These sources can be divided into two groups: a set of sources at an internal aperture, primarily intended to monitor short term drifts in the detectors and associated electronics; and two sources at the external aperture, intended to monitor longer term drifts in the optical train before the internal aperture. The steps needed to transfer calibrations to image products, additional radiometric data quality estimates performed as part of this transfer, and the data products associated with this transfer will all be examined.
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