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19 January 1984 Calculation Of Auroral Infrared Earthlimb Spatial Structure Based On All-Sky TV 4278 and 6300 Angstrom Measurements
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Successive "frames" of the auroral infrared earthlimb may be inferred from successive frame pairs of ground-based TV all-sky auroral data obtained at 4278 (blue) and 6300 A (red). Hence the name Blue Red Input Model (BRIM) is selected to refer to our model for the auroral infrared earthlimb. On a per pixel basis the total column energy deposition may be inferred from the electronically allowed 4278 A N2 (B→X) brightness 4πIB, and a measure of the altitude dependence of the energy deposition from the ratio IR/IB of the 6300-A 0(1D) brightness to the 4278-A brightness. Thus given the altitude dependence of the energy deposition over the entire sky, it is possible to employ the physics of the infrared aurora, as has been determined within the AFGL/DNA scientific community by analysis of data obtained via AFGL/DNA rocketborne infrared experiments, in order to dynamically construct the altitude dependence of infrared emission over the entire sky. The infrared earthlimb images are formed by performing integration of the instantaneous infrared emission along earthlimb viewing lines of sight through the emitting volume. Mechanisms we have considered for auroral infrared emission include vibraluminescence of NO(V) at -2.7 μM, chemiluminescence of CO2(v3) at 4.3 μm, and a prompt emission near 4.3 μm, which may be due to emission by NO+(V)and/or direct electron impact excitation of CO2(v3). Samples of auroral earthlimb radiance, and the corresponding spatial and temporal power spectral densities, which are calculated from 101 successive auroral 4278 and 6300 A all-sky TV images obtained 23 March 1973 over a 30-min interval at Chatanika, Alaska, are presented.
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J. B. Kumer, R. D. Sears, J. E. Evans, S. E. Harris, and R. C. Gunton "Calculation Of Auroral Infrared Earthlimb Spatial Structure Based On All-Sky TV 4278 and 6300 Angstrom Measurements", Proc. SPIE 0430, Infrared Technology IX, (19 January 1984);

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