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18 October 2001 Polarimetic near-field backpropagation algorithm for application to GPR imaging of mines and minelike objects
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This paper presents a novel polarimetric near-field two-dimension (2D) synthetic aperture focusing technique (SAFT) suitable for ground penetrating radar (GPR) application. The imaging algorithm is intended for locating metallic and non-metallic anti-personnel (AP's) mines using an ultra-wide-band stepped frequency radar. A radar image can be formed by coherently integrating the backscattered field over the measured frequency spectrum and cross-range scan. The coherent integration is essentially a convolution of the collected data and a focusing (test) function, which only depends on the geometry of the measurement. Wavefront curvature must be taken account of when attempting to image an object within 1-2 wavelengths off an antenna(s) phase center. Applying conventional far-field SAR imaging using a direct Fourier inversion may result in images which are increasingly blurred and shifted at points more distant from the point of rotation of the focusing function. Here, a focusing function is first derived based on a conventional far-field geometrical optic propagator for a two-media problem. Then to correct for geometric distortion in the focusing function when applied in the near-field zone we introduce higher order terms to the range function. In order to verify and augment the technique described two field studies were conducted, over different frequency spectrums, the finding of which demonstrates the utility of the technique and the experimental practices.
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Ivor L. Morrow and Piet van Genderen "Polarimetic near-field backpropagation algorithm for application to GPR imaging of mines and minelike objects", Proc. SPIE 4394, Detection and Remediation Technologies for Mines and Minelike Targets VI, (18 October 2001);

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