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11 December 2001 Liquid crystalline light-emitting thermally stable readily processable substituted polyacetylenes
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Mesomorphic and luminescent poly(propiolates) with different skeleton structures (-{(R)CequalsC[CO2(CH2)6OCO-Biph- OC7H15]}n-; R equals H (1), CH3 (2), C6H5 (3), Biph equals biphenylyl} are synthesized. The backbone absorption in 2 and 3 are weak but upon photoexcitation, the polymers emit strong violet light of 369 nm, whose intensities are higher than that from poly(l-phenyl-l-octyne), a well-known highly-fluorescent polyacetylene. The main chain of 3 absorbs strongly at 380 nm, and the polymer is completely nonluminescent. All the polymers are thermally stable and form enantiotropic monolayer SmA phase, with 1 adopting well-ordered packing arrangements.
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Ben Zhong Tang, Jacky W.Y. Lam, Jingdong Luo, Yuping Dong, Kevin K.L. Cheuk, Zhiliang Xie, and HoiSing Kwok "Liquid crystalline light-emitting thermally stable readily processable substituted polyacetylenes", Proc. SPIE 4463, Liquid Crystals V, (11 December 2001);

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