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9 January 2002 Analysis of a multi-angle FOV forward scattering probe
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Traditional particle sizing techniques employing forward scattering angles to separate detection channels. These techniques require 2D detector geometry as well as collimating optics. Under certain approximations, forward scattering may be analyzed as a diffraction process that greatly simplifies data inversion. However, in that process, much of the particle size sensitivity in the sub-micron regime is lost due to the severe limits imposed by the diffraction approximation. To both improve the size range of operation and to develop a practical in-situ probe, we investigate another geometry that utilizes a simple single fiber-optic spectro radiometric detector in combination with a mechanism providing multiple field of view of the sample. This is obtained by using an expanding aperture that opens to a set of discrete radii. Different regions of the angular scattering spectrum are obtained by calculating the scattered signal difference between neighboring radii. For sizing applications, the system scattering kernels within Mie Scattering theory are calculated for unit concentration and variable size parameter 1 for each aperture using a simplified far-field plane wave approximation. The resulting multi angular/multispectral kernels provide a superset of scattering information that can lead to improved inversion capabilities to those obtained from multiangle measurements alone.
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Barry Gross, Fred Moshary, Yiping Zhang, and Samir A. Ahmed "Analysis of a multi-angle FOV forward scattering probe", Proc. SPIE 4484, Lidar Remote Sensing for Industry and Environment Monitoring II, (9 January 2002);

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