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1 April 2002 Transfer, storage, and multiplexing of optical signals in bistable planar semiconductor structures
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Principles of formation and controlled propagation of switching autowaves in optically bistable interference structures are considered. On this basis methods and devices are developed for read-in, storing, read-out, switching and transfer of information light signal sin the plane of 2D- arrays of nonlinear optical elements of micron size. A peculiarity of these methods is the possibility of shift data laterally in the array's plane in a direction that is perpendicular to the direction of incident light beams without its interim transformation into electrical signals. This distinctive feature enables developing new architecture concepts of optical information processing systems. Examples of numerical simulations and experimental realizations are presented of optical digital devices with a wide range of functional applications such as Boolean logic elements, shift registers, multiplexers/demultiplexers, basic planar ring processors, etc. The limiting operation parameters of the above devices are discussed.
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Andrey M. Goncharenko, George V. Sinitsyn, Sergey P. Apanasevich, Andrey V. Lyakhnovich, Anatoly S. Yasukevich, Mikhail A. Khodasevich, A. V. Kazberuk, Alexander A. Dokutovich, and Yuriy A. Varaksa "Transfer, storage, and multiplexing of optical signals in bistable planar semiconductor structures", Proc. SPIE 4750, ICONO 2001: Quantum and Atomic Optics, High-Precision Measurements in Optics, and Optical Information Processing, Transmission, and Storage, (1 April 2002);

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