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27 March 2003 Effect of turbulence intermittence on the structure of laser beams intersecting an aero-engine jet exhaust
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The results of studying laser beam propagation through a turbulent jet close to the jet lateral boundary, i.e. the zone, where intermittence of turbulent stae of air medium can be expcetd, are presented. In the experiments laser beams with diameters of 10 and 30 mm and wavelengths of λ = 1.06 and 0.53 microns crossed the jet in transverse direction not far from the engine nozzle. For the purpose of comparison, similar experiments for laser beams propagation through the central area of the jet were carried out. As a result of processing a large array of 'instantaneous' far-field images of the beams, the probability of light pulses with only weakly distorted spatial structure during propagation through the jet was determined. It has been shown that for a λ=1.06 μm and 30 mm diameter beams. For propagation of the ten-millimeter beam this probability is found to be ~0.02. In the case of the 'half-micron' beam propagation through the jet under similar conditions the probability for the occurrence of 'quasi-regular' pulses is very small in all the experimental situations. The analysis of the experimental data provides evidence for conclusion that successions of such 'quasi-regular' pulses obey Poisson's or binomial statistics.
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Vladmir S. Sirazetdinov, Dmitry I. Dmitriev, Inga V. Ivanova, and David H. Titterton "Effect of turbulence intermittence on the structure of laser beams intersecting an aero-engine jet exhaust", Proc. SPIE 5026, Ninth Joint International Symposium on Atmospheric and Ocean Optics/Atmospheric Physics. Part I: Radiation Propagation in the Atmosphere and Ocean, (27 March 2003);

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