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11 May 2004 Mode-locked quantum dot lasers for picosecond pulse generation
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In this work we present a detailed study of picosecond optical pulse generation using high-repetition rate mode-locked quantum dot lasers. MOCVD-grown quantum dot lasers emitting at 1.1μm and MBE-grown quantum dot lasers emitting at 1.3μm are investigated. Passive mode-locking at 10GHz, 18GHz and 36GHz with pulse widths in the 6-12ps range are reported. Hybrid mode-locking is demonstrated at 10GHz, showing a significant improvement in the RF spectral characteristics when compared with passive mode-locking. A timing jitter of 600fs (2.5MHz to 50MHz) is measured in the 18GHz passively mode-locked laser. Autocorrelation techniques are used to characterise the high repetition rate mode-locked lasers as well as the time-bandwidth product of the optical pulses. Fourier-transform limited pulses are obtained from passively mode-locked QD lasers.
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